Supported operating systems

OS Web Windows macOS Linux Android iOS
Support Supported Supported No maintainers1 Supported Supported No maintainers1
Backends Only Pleroma2 All
  1. Kaiteki has no support for Apple platforms (macOS, iOS, etc.) since there are no developers being able to maintain it. If you would like to take over, contact us.
  2. Mastodon and Misskey instances have by default HTTP headers which make the browser prevent sending requests within other domains like because of CORS. This makes effectively those backends unusable on web.

Supported backends

Currently the following backends are going to be supported by Kaiteki:

This table shows unique features from the supported backends and if they're implemented yet.

Feature / Backend Mastodon Pleroma Misskey Twitter
Notifications Planned (#56)
Polls Not implemented yet
Formatting Not supported Partially implemented Partial MFM support
(no Markdown though)
Not supported
Stickers Not supported Planned Not supported
Chatting Not supported Supported Not implemented yet
Reacting Not supported Minimal support Not supported
Previewing Not supported Supported Blocked by #109 Not supported
Lists Planned
Official frontend themes Not supported Planned (#50) Planned (#51) Not supported


Authentication Method / Backend Mastodon Pleroma Misskey Twitter
Direct token entry Planned (#105)
Login over credentials Normal Supported Not supported
2FA Not tested Supported Not implemented yet
(authentication over browser)