This is the first edition of Kaiteki’s devlog, this is intended to be a weekly format showing what changes I’ve made over the last week to Kaiteki.

These are all recent changes made in the last weeks.

New changes

  • Posts now show their counts, age and visibility

    Those are rather insignificant changes, but probably welcome ones.

    I'm not sure about the design of the counts (especially regarding the layout, padding and so on), but we'll see how it will evolve as the app matures.

    A screenshot showing a post, with the content 'if your read this, you're cute!', with additional user interface elements like an icon indicating the post's visiblity, as well as numbers next to the reply and favorite button

  • You can now pick instance emojis

    In Kaiteki, you can now tap the little emoji icon in the toolbar and pick emojis. Compared to Husky, it's tabbed using the provided category information provided by Pleroma and Misskey.

    A screenshot showing a menu filled with emojis.

    This was some what annoying to implement at first, because the way I did it initially caused to memory leak. (shown below)

    A screenshot showing a memory usage graph with upwards trend.

    I settled on tabbing the emojis per pack so it's more efficient.

Minor changes

  • The login form auto-validates when you start typing
  • Icon buttons inside the composing form have been commented out.
  • I started using Flutter’s own widget for panning and zooming into images. (which now fills the entire screen!)
  • The username beside the display name of an user’s post is now faint, making it look better and easier to distinguish.

Internal changes

  • Ported a function similar to C# LINQ’s Enumerable<T>.GroupBy(...) (which I obviously called Iterable.groupBy(...)).
  • Endpoints for reactions on Pleroma
  • Support for PUT and DELETE added