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Micro blogs

I don’t think I will ever join any circles about the old web. That primarily being web rings stemming from Neocities or similar. This doesn’t mean I am not interested in having some sort of partnership, but from the bigger view I don’t think I will(?)

Similar to myself, I think I will stand on my own feet (alone?)

All you do is press 4 buttons that are dynamically mapped to sounds from a song. Literally nothing’s different.



Blog post Published on Word count
Principles of proper web development Nov 29 2021 ~ 1200
Suspicious websites with Craft Nov 28 2021 ~ 400

Hating the world

Blog post Published on Word count
The Misskey API is a trainwreck May 26 2022 ~ 700
Why I hate online social platforms Feb 06 2022 ~ 1800
Simplicity sucks Jan 20 2022 ~ 100 (short)

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